About Us

bitnukfinance.com Investment is determined to provide the one-stop mining investment service for clients and investors of all kinds. As an industry-leading global enterprise, bitnukfinance.com is committed to building the cornerstone of trust in the digital economy and becoming a one-stop solution provider of blockchain technology services. We provide the highest quality infrastructure solutions, software management systems, financial products and services, and provide top one-stop cloud computing services to customers around the world.

bitnukfinance.com is actively building a highly diversified blockchain ecosystem to provide integrated and comprehensive solutions to our global customers. Our business includes: the development of digital currency software systems (Blockchain Explorer, cloud computing task issuance processor, cloud computing data storage system, etc.) and including blockchain infrastructure services (the development and construction of global intelligent data center).

At the same time, since its inception, bitnukfinance.com has been actively developing and pioneering blockchain technology products and has incubated its own brands such as bitnukfinance.com Pool (ranked #1 in the world by BTC/LTC/ZEC hashrate), bitnukfinance.com Financial (operated by bitnukfinance.com Switzerland), bitnukfinance.com Date Center, and bitnukfinance.com Investment. Since its inception, bitnukfinance.com has focused on the development of blockchain technology applications and asset digitization and has been actively contributing to the blockchain ecosystem based on its two core competencies of "blockchain technology" and "financial technology".

As an industry-leading global company and multinational team, bitnukfinance.com vision is to recruit cutting-edge talent to influence future blockchain technology innovation. The core members of bitnukfinance.com are all blockchain industry veterans, early investors and pioneers with more than 7 years of experience, who have worked in major global blockchain technology companies and have a wealth of resources in the digital currency industry, and have graduated from the University of Chicago, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Peking University, Renmin University of China and other top universities in the world.

Thanks to bitnukfinance.com self-developed mining pool, data center as well as rich resources and a broad range of business associates among cryptocurrency industry worldwide, clients at bitnukfinance.com will receive the most professional and efficient mining investment advice.

Our Vision

Make the World A Better Place Through Decentralization Committed to building a more prosperous blockchain ecosystem, bitnukfinance.com continues to expand the technological boundaries of blockchain to create the cornerstone of trust in the digital economy and make the world more efficient, convenient, secure and better because of blockchain technology. Our Mission

Become a Blockchain All-ecological Comprehensive Service Platform. bitnukfinance.com embraces the tide of digital economy in the changing times, adheres to technology-driven, constantly improves the industry layout, accelerates technology and efficiency innovation, and provides users with multi-dimensional, diversified and all-round blockchain ecological integrated services.